September 30, 2016 muzsolutions

Whole Home Wiring | New Construction Audio & Video Wiring

Whole Home Audio & Video Wiring

Wiring clean up home installation home theaterWe recently received a call from a new client who needed a speaker installation throughout the entire home; however, when we arrived, we found that the wiring had been poorly done during the initial construction phase. After realizing how disorganized and incorrectly wired the home was, we set to work borse in pelle with the homeowners to correct the issues before installing the whole-home speaker system initially requested.

Our professional team cleaned up the wiring throughout the home because we understand that organization is key for any successful installation. We rewired the entire home for their audio and video equipment because many electricians aren’t able to provide this service. Electricians understand how to run simple electricity throughout the home, but when it comes to wiring for reliable internet, video and audio components, many electricians are lacking in their knowledge.

If the wiring in your home doesn’t seem to be transmitting audio and video properly, or your current setup is disorganized, contact our team and let us get everything back on track!

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