Protect your home or business with our security camera system installation!

Candor AVN will install your cameras at an affordable price and specialize in a variety of camera systems such as digital video recording systems, CCTV systems, hidden cameras, and wireless cameras for both homes and businesses.

Have you ever wondered what was going on at home? Now you can know! We set you up to monitor your home or business from any computer or cell phone so you never have to wonder again.

Whether you need a simple or completely custom surveillance system, a Candor security specialist can help in any area of Atlanta.

Our technicians are trained and experienced and will not compromise on quality service and workmanship. Our work is 100% guaranteed. We specialize in the following security camera systems:

    • CCTV Systems
    • Digital Recording Systems
    • Hidden / Covert Cameras
    • Wireless or PoE Cameras
    • Motion Detection Cameras
    • Radio Frequency (RF) Cameras
    • Infrared (IR) Cameras
    • PTZ Cameras

If you have any questions or have a specific question please feel free to contact us at 404.567.2446!