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Here at 360 Home Cinema we often get asked common questions. We have compiled a listing of the questions and our recommendations on the answers. Many times the answers only come with experience, which we have plenty of. We feel that our customers armed with this knowledge can make better decisions on what equipment they purchase. If you need further explanation please give us a call.

There is a major misconception that building a home theater is expensive and only for people with big budgets. We are here to tell you that having a theater is one of the best investments for a family and it does not have to break the bank. In fact, you can get a projector and a 100″ screen for about the same price of a 60″ flat panel.

If you follow our steps of “7 Things You Should Know When Designing a New Theater” you can avoid some of the costly pitfalls. Talking with a professional and being honest on what you want and what your vision is can make all the difference. There is nothing better that can be put in a home to entertain you, your family, or your friends on a Friday night.

1. Know Who is in Your Home

Knowing who is in your home is important. Before choosing a home theater company make sure to get a list of professional references. Don’t be afraid to call people off the reference list and see what kind of service the company provides. Most think that you put the theater in and its over, but this is not true. With the new technology of products continuing service is a must. Did you know there are updates to BluRay players? What would happen if you went to watch a movie and the dvd player gave an error and said you must update your dvd player to watch your newly purchased movie? Could you, would you, call the guys who installed it to fix your problem?

2. Prewire For the Future

If you are in the prewire stage (No Sheet rock) now is the time to wire for future upgrades. Many times wiring for a home theater is an after-thought. If this is your case, you can look to spend $1K or more for wiring due to sheet rock repair. If you’re finishing a basement remember to take in consideration of future ideas like putting speakers in the ceiling throughout the basement or televisions in certain rooms like exercise and bedrooms. A true AV Specialist is going to suggest items like this that you may not be thinking about.

3. Screen Size Does Matter

The rule of thumb for screen size is for every foot away from the sreen you add 10′ of screen diagonal size. For Example, if your main viewing position is 10′ away from the screen then you need a 100″ screen. This rule may be a little outdated with the new resolution of projectors (1080p) and was mainly made to eliminate the “screen door effect” . The real question now is where in a real theater do you sit? Right up front or towards the back? This is a great determination of your periphial vision tolerance. If you sit in the front row, you might want to go with a 120″ screen vs. a someone elses tolerance of a 100″ screen.

Here is a table of screen sizes. When doing a consultation we will take some painters tape and actually tape the size on the wall. Take a seat and see what works for you.

100″ Screen = 87.5″ Wide / 49.5″ High
106″ Screen = 92.75″ Wide / 52.25″ High
110″ Screen = 95.9″ Wide / 53.9″ High
120″ Screen = 105″ Wide / 59″ High

4. What is a Theater without Control?

When reviewing and updating old theater systems the major complaint we hear from our clients is they never could turn on or use their system without it being a major hassle. Many theater systems consist of great products and no matter how much you spend on a projector or speaker set if you can turn it on or use it, it’s useless. We recommend on spending 10% of the total cost of the theater system on the remote control system. While this may seem a lot it is completely worth its cost. Good remote systems can be personalized for you and your family, adding that extra touch that allows you to appreciate your investment.

5. Never Purchase a Seat You Never Sat In

It can be very enticing to purchase seating over the internet. There seem to be so many great deals out there on theater seating but this is one deal you may want to pass on. Imagine sitting in the same spot for 2 hrs, now imagine it uncomfortably! This could be torture, so why risk buying potentially 2 hrs of torture? This takes footwork, we know, but don’t buy it unless you sat in it. Go to reputable theater chair vendors and sit down, take a breather and make sure you want to do it for 2 or more hours. Our theater seating is in our showroom. We offer this so you can watch something on the big screen while you decide. What better way to choose on a seat is there?

6. Where to Start with a Color

When choosing a color for a theater we suggest looking at the one thing that is the hardest to change, the floor. You can always paint, you can always pick fabrics on chairs, you can work decor items like posters around colors, but changing the carpet is the most difficult to change. Pick the darkest shade or hue coming the carpet and go with it. Making the room dark with keep your eyes focused toward the screen, so avoid light colors and only accent with them.

7. Leaving it to the Experts

I know for many this is hard to do, and obviously, we encourage it. We get paid to know these things, this is what we do, and for us it’s more than just our profession, it’s our passion. Many companies provide FREE consultation and design. We pride ourselves in knowing what the latest products are and what would be best for your investment. Trust is important, and if you follow the first step, you should be able to. Most theater companies work well within a budget. Knowing that budget allows us to cram as much good stuff as we can into your theater. At the end of the day we rely on your referral and our presentation of work to continue growing. It certainly wouldn’t benefit us in not meeting your expectations or providing great continued customer service.


Our FAQ list continues to grow. Please check back later for more! If you have any questions you would like to see answered please contact us and we will post our answer to your question.