Top-Quality Whole Home Audio Systems in Alpharetta

Whole House Audio Atlanta GAWhole home audio systems allow our clients to choose what type of music is playing in what room throughout your Alpharetta home, and is a great way to bring a party or event to life. Our whole home audio installation allows you, your family and your friends to choose different types of music in each area of your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom and patio.

Our whole house audio systems at 360 Home Cinema allow you to enjoy your parties and gatherings without a blaring, obnoxious boombox in one area of the home. You can choose to keep the party outside by playing your tunes over the pool and patio while the inside of your home remains ambient and mellow.

Our top-quality ceiling speakers ensure that you and your guests won’t miss out on any conversation opportunities due to music that is too loud or too obnoxious: you control the volume in each area of your home using a special touch pad that is inconspicuously placed next to your lighting controls.

Create Ambiance & Party Excitement with Whole Home Audio

A whole home audio system installed by our highly-trained professionals ensures your satisfaction and entertainment. At 360 Home Cinema, we understand our clients’ desires for individually-synchronized home audio. Our whole house audio system offers Alpharetta clients independent audio zones:

  • Lively music on the patio and around the pool
  • News/talk radio in the bathroom while preparing for work
  • Cooking advice and recipes in the kitchen
  • Video game patch-overs for the kids’ rooms

Our top-quality whole home audio systems allow you to have individual iPod base stations in each room, where you can choose to play a certain playlist, artist or band. Additionally, you can also choose to sync in your home computers to pull music from every computer in the home if there is something more specific you’d like to listen to.

Schedule Whole House Audio Installation in Alpharetta

Our discreet whole house audio system offers several options for our clients. We can create an interior designer’s dream or offer budget-friendly options, including:

  • In-wall speakers that resonate off internal sheetrock
  • In-ceiling speakers to create ambience
  • SONOS wireless speaker system without interior construction

We strive to create the perfect whole house audio system for you and your family. Our team at 360 Home Cinema customizes each project to suit our clients’ desires, and we offer free consultations for our Alpharetta clients seeking whole house audio. Contact our team online or call us at 866-645-9157.