December 26, 2016 muzsolutions

Petsafe Fences: Watch Installers During Work – 360 Home Cinema

Petsafe Fences and Why You Should Supervise Your Installers

Petsafe fence installationDo you have a petsafe fence at your home, or are you considering installing one? Make sure you know exactly where the installation is located and do your duty to properly inform any installation professionals in the future. Especially trench diggers!

Our team recently encountered an issue where a petsafe fence wire was cut by a trench guy on an earlier date. But who got blamed for the cut? You guessed it. Though we understand the necessity of these fences to the safety of our clients’ pets, it’s important to let installers know that there are extra wires running under the ground around their homes and to keep an eye out. 

Everyday we deal with installers – electricians, fencers, plumbers, cable and satellite dish providers – and it’s important to make sure you can trust who comes into your home. The 360 team is available to supervise installers who come into your home and make sure their work is done properly and doesn’t interfere with any other home automation syste fake taschenms.