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360 Home Cinema Joins Forces with Comcast – Press Release


360 Home Cinema Joins Forces With Comcast

Home Theater Comcast CompanyAtlanta, GA – January 20, 2017 – “Inside the workings of our home theater installation company lies a hidden network of ideal ways to suit and serve our customers better,” says 360 Home Cinema owner and operator, Glen Brown. “We implemented one of those ways with the inclusion of Comcast.”

360 Home Cinema normally takes a client’s idea and makes it happen, implimenting cable and satellite along the way. But what if the provider services fail? The ideal home cinema now becomes a burden. Great installation, great home theater, great respectable service, but how can it be fully enjoyed without seamless TV service? Under the direction of Glen Brown, 360 Home Cinema now can take an idea, implement, and maintain that idea worry free. 360 Home Cinema is the first installation dealer to offer this personalized service.

The affiliation of 360 Home Cinema with Comcast benefits customers in several ways, but most importantly customers are free of the often burdensome task of dealing with set up and trouble shooting if the system does fail. Worry-free Comcast programming now complements the state-of-the-art equipment installation that custom theater clients have grown to appreciate.

The Comcast Corporation is the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world and like most other large conglomerates, it is impossible to get personalized service. With 360 Home Cinema the owner of a company is the one who really cares about you, about the service they give you, about your needs, and about fulfilling those needs.

Glen Brown has been working in communications since he was enlisted in the Marine Corps and worked as an RF Communications Technician. Subsequently, he was Operations Manager overseeing the management of six permanent major LED Display installations here in the U.S. This included the E! Entertainment Billboard on Hollywood/Highland in Los Angeles and Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX. During his work with Circuit City Glen achieved and maintained the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality in the country based upon national service scores and ratings. When he founded 360 Home Cinema 12 years ago, he determined to improve that quality and customer satisfaction so that local area customers reap the benefits.

“We aim to take the confusion and distancing out of our client’s home theater workings by listening and simplifying what could have been a very complicated, intricate process for them,” he says. “We understand our customers and treat them like family.”

As one of the 360 clients said, “Glen and the 360 Cinema crew are a highly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful group. I would recommend them to anyone for their home electronics needs. Their work is exceptional, timely and very reasonably priced.”

This Comcast and 360 Home Cinema added service gives them the ability to deal directly with the cable company for the customer thereby being a more personal, direct service. You need only make one call and tell them what you want, when, and where. 360 Home Cinema gives the assurance others can’t give—a complete service from a trusted provider in a personalized manner—that guarantees all cable installations and programming are running smoothly at all times and with state-of-the-art equipment.

Glen Brown
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