A conference room is THE critical area of any business…

This is where deals are negotiated, debated and closed, products are created and introduced, and personnel are evaluated and promoted!

It’s a collaborative environment where every member of the company, both local and off-site, participate in the key-making decisions that steer the corporation in the desired direction.

To promote an atmosphere where ideas can exist in abundance, we create a multifaceted and dependable audio and visual solution that suits your unique needs and space. Our A/V installations range from a single projector and screen, to multiple displays, web conferencing, integrated audio, video and complete control systems.

Conference Room Johns Creek

A conference room that serves the functions of your business is very important. Whether you host training for new partners, an executive meeting or new and existing clients, your conference room says a lot about you and your company.

Conference Room Installation in Atlanta GA

At 360 Home Cinema we’re experienced at designing and installing high tech audio/visual solutions for the right impact and functionality. Importantly, our conference room systems are easy to operate with features that you need. We know that many different people will use your conference room for many different tasks, so we give you control options and help you make design and integrations choices.

We design systems that can meet your budget. Our goal isn’t to install the most expensive system, we design systems that fit your budget and meet your goals. We will sit with you acting as professional AV consultant that we are and help you understand the ins-and-outs of technology and integration that will ultimately be a system that will help you grow your business.