Television Installation Services

Our TV installation service usually takes between 2 and 3 hours from start to finish. Our low pricing and excellent quality means to you the best value in Home theater services in Atlanta and North Georgia.

Most customers provide their own TV brackets and cabling, (HDMI, RCA component, Optical, RGB, DVI) and we usually charge only for the labor and audio/video plates, low voltage rings, etc. We are experienced with most TV brackets in the market, including Sanus, Omnimount, Peerless, Cheetah, Rocketfish, Dynex, Samsung and others. Flat, slim profile, tilting, extending, swivel, single or double arm, full motion, electrically operated, remote controlled, you name it, we’ve done them all.

If you prefer so, we can supply you with low priced TV brackets and interconnection cables to complete the job. Those components are priced separately. We also offer troubleshooting services of existing installations of audio/video equipment (including computer network cabling), removal of TV and brackets for transportation to a new address, relocation of satellite dishes, programming of universal remote controls like Harmony brand remotes and others. We’ve worked on the bench as audio/video and computer technicians and field installers, and this extensive experience allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive service around.

In additon to mounting your TV on a conventional wall, ceiling or fireplace, we offer custom integration of your TV in an existing or custom built entertainment center, which we are able to design, build and install. Our quotes are free for custom integration work. Home theater is our business.